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I hope flowers wouldnt die that soon

Seeing you happy makes me happy. Especially if it’s because of me

You were so happy with me. You were

(My) Secrets of Happiness Everyday (2)

Greet a stranger that you meet (almost) everyday. E.g : security, minimart cashier, a toll gate’s man (I don’t know what’s the name of the job)

(My) Secrets of Happiness Everyday (1)

Text “good morning! Have a nice day :)” to someone that means to you (e.g. your mom, dad, best friend, etc) even when you’re mad to him/her. Try it! It gonna changes your day!

Such a journey with you. With you was magical :) I never regret for any mistake we’d done, for every love we’d shared, and time that we’d spent together. Nothing wasted. You’re forever my sunshine.


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Dateng cm sekelebat dan cm foto sekali ini aja tp tetep bersyukur daripada ga ada kesempatan sm sekali. Makasih ya kedatangannya, hai kamu yg makin kurus! Selalu jaga kesehatan jangan lupa :)